Issues for Compliance in Education for Young Offenders in UK: Examples from Research

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This paper draws on young people’s views and experiences who are managed by the criminal justice system in the UK. Many young offenders have lower than the national expectation for basic skills in literacy and numeracy and commonly are not in education, training or employment. An initiative to improve young offenders’ basic skills was piloted and evaluated. This alternative educational provision made achievements for many of the young people who participated with the programme, yet questions about compliance or ‘got to do it’ ethos raises questions about how meaningful education and training is for young offenders.

Keywords: Basic Skills, Young Offenders, Compliance
Stream: Equity, Social Justice and Social Change; Community, Culture, Globalisation
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Victoria Knight

Senior Research Fellow, Community and Criminal Justice Division, De Montfort University
Leicester, UK

Victoria Knight is a Research Fellow in De Montfort University’s Community and Criminal Justice Research Unit. Victoria has worked on a range of research projects which include Minority Ethnic Prisoners’ Perceptions and Knowledge of the Probation and Prison Services in the East of England (2003), Bail Decisions and Ethnicity for the Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Service (2003) and Restorative Justice in the Secure Estate (2003), Offender Perception Data Project (2004) in the Yorkshire and Humberside region on behalf of the Probation Service, Evaluation of the Scratch Programme for the Improvement of Basic Skills of Young Offenders in Leicestershire for the YOT (2004) and Personal Safety Provisions, Services and Training for Service Providers and Users in Leicester City for the Victims and Witnesses Action Group. Victoria’s research interests are concerned with a range of issues from offenders, prisoners and imprisonment and aspects of diversity, particularly race, gender and youth. Victoria has worked with a range of research and evaluation methodologies and has successfully completed a number of projects using various approaches and techniques to assess and analyse qualitative and quantitative data.

Ref: L09P1044