An Instrument for the Evaluation of Teaching

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The quality of university teaching has been one of the main concerns in recent years; and with it, the quality of the professors. And when this topic of quality is raised, inevitably evaluation comes up.
Evaluation is a complex process, and perhaps, in this field even more so, due to the multiple intervening agents and pertinent aspects to evaluate.
We based this paper on the premise of evaluation as a way to improve, insofar as that evaluation would involve personal awareness about how to carry out classes, and would entail a training process and would result in improvement (see De Miguel, 2003). In this way, the instrument could be useful to find weak aspects in university teaching for each individual professor and, from the obtained results, each one will be able to propose specific training sessions to solve the possible difficulties that were found.

Keywords: Evaluation, Quality of University Teaching, Teacher Training, Higher Education
Stream: Educational Leadership and Management
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Monica Vallejo

Profesora Contratado Doctor, Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Escolar
Facultad de Educación, Universidad de Murcia

Murcia, Spain

Dr. M. Begoña Alfageme-González

Profesor Contratado Doctor, Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Escolar, Universidad de Murcia
Murcia, Spain

Ref: L09P1036