Implementation of Assessment for Learning: Transfer Theory into Practice for Mathematics School Teachers in Hong Kong

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Following to the substantial changes in the economic structure within a globalized world in the 21st century, the reform of the education systems must be promoted to meet the challenges caused by these unprecedented changes in Hong Kong. To let younger generation equip with a broad based knowledge, a new academic structure known as “334” was proposed in 2000. “334” means that 3 years of junior secondary education, 3 years of senior secondary education plus 4 years of undergraduate study. Accordingly, the School-based management had been than introduced and implemented in the primary and secondary schools for the development and improvement of quality education during the past eight years in Hong Kong. During this process, school teachers’ teaching style, self-concept and professional development were considered as influential factors that affected teaching and learning, and quality education.

To support and equip school teachers for adapting the “334” and quality education, and enhance teachers’ teaching style and professional development, the centre for Assessment Research and Development (CARD) at The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) cooperating with Education Bureau (Edb) in Hong Kong led an Assessment Project to introduce the concepts of Assessment for Learning and Assessment as Learning to the school teachers, and train them how to transfer these concepts into their current practices in 2005-2008.

Thirty-one primary school mathematics teachers came from eight primary schools had regular site-based meetings with an Assessment Development Officer from CARD not only for learning the concept of Assessment for learning and designing the appropriate assessment tasks based on Assessment for Learning approach, but also using the technique of Bloom’s Taxonomy to enhance students’ cognitive knowledge in 2005-2007. This paper aims to report students’ performance and analyze the feedback from teachers on their views of professional development and reflection on teaching of mathematics after implementing Bloom’s Taxonomy and Assessment for Learning approach in teachers’ classroom teaching. Finally, suggestion and further investigation will also be recommended.

Keywords: Assessment for Learning, Teacher Professional Development, Bloom’s Taxonomy
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
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May, Sok-ching Chan

Assistant Professor, Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Hong Kong

Ref: L09P1024