Maternal Parenting Styles and Adolescents' Socio-Academic Development

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This ia a study on maternal parenting styles of Malaysian Chinese mothers and how their styles influence their adolescents' children socio-academic development. The mothers seem to base their style on beliefs that they gather from their culture. They are of authoritarian and authoritative styles. Both these styles have influence on their children socio-academic development. Regardless of their parenting styles, mothers have specific long term goals.

Keywords: Qualitative, Parenting, Adolescents, Authoritative, Authoritarian
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Maternal Parenting Styles and Adolescents’ Socio-Academic Development

Anna Nirmala M Kulasingam

PHD Student, Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia
UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Anna is a graduate student at the Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra malaysia, who is working for her PhD.

Dr. Roselan Baki

Head, Department of Language and Humanities Education
Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia

UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Roselan Baki is Head, Department of Language and Humanities Education, Faculty of Educational Studies at University Putra Malaysia (UPM). He taught in secondary school for 10 years and, in a teacher training college for 12 years before moving to UPM. He holds B.Ed. (UPM), MA (Michigan State), PhD (National University of Malaysia). He has written several books about teaching and learning in the Malay language. He has also contributed to conferences in the area of literacy, language instruction and qualitative research in Malaysia and Asia. His research interest is in the area of alternative pedagogy, quality teaching, and teacher education.

Ref: L09P1022