A Case Study of Preservice Science Teachers' Feelings about Teaching the Nature of Science

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The need for enhancing society as scientifically literate has been regarded as vital goal in many countries (Abd-El-Khalick, Bell, & Lederman, 1998). Understanding of nature of science (NOS) has been claimed to be an indispensable part of scientific literacy (Abd-El-Khalick, & Lederman, 2000). Although the most research is focused on development of more informed views on NOS for teachers (e.g. Abd-El-Khalick, & Lederman, 2000; Straits & Nichols, 2007), it is stated that adequate understanding of NOS is necessary but not sufficient condition for translation of these adequate conceptions into practice in classrooms (Abd-El-Khalick & Lederman, 2000). Pedagogical content knowledge for NOS is required for teachers to attain students’ desired understanding of NOS (Abd-El-Khalick, 2005). This paper reported the synthesis of three case studies about how preservice science teachers translate the nature of science (NOS) into instructional planning and classroom practice through Practice Teaching course. Data for this study included classroom observation field notes, lesson plans and interviews. The findings of the study suggested that although participants internalized importance of teaching NOS and preferred to include NOS in their practice teaching, they have some concerns about teaching NOS because of their lack of pedagogical content knowledge for NOS, institutional constraints and students’ lack of abilities in comprehension of some NOS concepts due to abstraction of these concepts. To acquire appropriate attitudes toward teaching of NOS preservice science teachers may need to know variety of examples, demonstrations, and episodes from history of science in addition to gaining a good rationale to teach NOS. Thus, NOS pedagogical content knowledge and rationale for teaching NOS is needed to attain a complete understanding of NOS as well as to integrate NOS into their classroom practice for both inservice and preservice teachers.

Keywords: Nature of Science, Scientific Literacy
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
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Kader Bilican

PhD Student, Ataturk University
Ankara, Turkey

I am a full time Phd student, İ am interested in preservice and inservice teachers' conceptions on nature of science

Prof. Jale Cakiroglu

Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey

Prof. Ceren Oztekin

Affiliation not supplied
Ankara, Turkey

Ref: L09P1015